Friday, February 1, 2008

Organic Placement overview

We have google and Yahoo share all the advertise in internet in the next future for the e principale sense ;Hear,See and Talk yes is because if you like to hear and" buy " the music you will pass from Yahoo,if you want see a good movie or share the picture you will pass from Google and Yahoo and if you want sale or marketing your product or service the choise is the Google-Yahoo. In this case the Ad near the first position become very important for sale and show your brand and also the organic position become fundamental for any marketing strategy.

When your website cannot be found on search engines then you'll lose a lot visitor and sales. If you use any software for pull you position in the rank you will spend 50 $ or more for nothing the logic say "i spend 50$ and i am to the top rank in the keyword i chose" ....Hallo? how many competitor
you have for this keyword? how many people can spend 50 $ for buy the software? how many top position in the first top page? did you find any logic?... no?... me too.

Not only you marketing in internet many people will be present and want become number one like in the business-life the internet follow the same rules and ingredients .This blog will give to you some point of view about the natural search position and free tip for help your website to rank better.

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