Monday, December 5, 2011

Top 10 Searches and Top News Stories

A company today must know what are the last trends on the web and how users use the serch engines for the last  news or events. Even if the list of the top ten most viewed informations are about celebrity gossip it is important to overall the totality of these lists to be able to understands what the customer wants. Search engines are able to  collect, analyze and classify the informations from the billions of queries that it receives and make a list of the top natural search engine position and the more searched heywords.

First thing you should know is that there is an important difference between Top 10 Searches and Top News Stories. Searches are keywords that users use to find what they are looking for on the web. News are concepts, for example “Japan tsunami”, “Japan earthquake” or “Fukushima radiation”.In addition, Vera Chan, senior editor and Web trend analyst at Yahoo! responsible for putting together the annual special feature, explains:

“Do people really love Kim Kardashian and the Jennifers that much? Yes and no. Search measures curiosity and interest, not popularity. As  we’ve said in the past, a search for information is neutral. It may be motivated by curiosity, fear, lust, anger, boredom, love, or any number of other triggers. But combine those billion (or so) individual motivations to search, and you can build a sketch portrait of a
culture in motion.” Chan considers Kim Kardashian a “polarizing figure” after the news of her divorce and notices that also the “sabotage” searches increase her search popularity.

In addition, it is important to specify that “search engines” searches are not counted, many users still look on the search bar for Google, Facebook etc.

News from the stars…

When checking these lists we can see what stars are getting more popular and who is not at the top anymore. This year, Jennifer Lopez is re-emerging from the past, this can be attributed to American Idol’s rebirth with new judges includine JLO but it is certainly also related to her split with husband Marc Anthony.An other star that is resurging after many years is Jennifer Aniston thanks to her new movies and her new boyfriend as well.Britney Spears, instead, didn’t make the top ten this year, wich is the first time in the past decade.

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